Viral FB Formula – How to Generate 350 a day on Facebook for FREE!!!

Prepare yourself, because the results will SHOCK YOU!


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Viral FB Formula is a brand new product created by Kevin Sousa.

Viral facebook formula goes into depth on how to generate up to 350 leads per day by utilizing FREE traffic methods on facebook.

Viral fb formula will show you how Kevin Sousa was able to 216,000 shares on one of his posts and over 61,000 comments on another post.

These numbers are absolutely insane!

I have trouble getting 5 people to just ‘like’ one of my posts! LOL

Anyways check out the links below for more in depth information on Kevin Sousa’s brand new product Viral FB Formula – How to generate up to 350 leads per day on Facebook for FREE!

Turn Your Friends and Followers in Leads!



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Empower Network - $8,191 in 11 days!



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Empower Network – Proof is in the Pudding


So I made a quick video about some recent results I have been having with Empower Network and I have to tell a secret that is kind of funny…

I almost didn’t even join Empower Network simply because it just seemed like it was going to be another launch with a bunch of HYPE.


So even though it took me about 4-5 months before I decided to jump into Empower Network…

I have to say that I have been nothing short of floored with the teamwork, the training, the support and let’s not forget…



So here is a link to the video I shot recently about my last 11 days with Empower Network.

Empower Network Video – Proof is in the Pudding

Feel free to use this video to help your team make some sales, help yourself make some sales or just encourage you to keep on pushing towards your goals.

If I can do this…

Trust me, YOU CAN TOO!

To our continued success!

Jeff Buchanan


Here’s the link to that video again in case you missed it…

Empower Network Video – Proof is in the Pudding



Rip Curl Commissions Review Video

rip curl commissions review


Below I have a snippet from another blog about the new product Rip Curl Commissions.


“Rip Curl Commissions is basically an all-in-one promotion software.  In just 4 steps, you can go from nothing to earning some decent monthly income.

The process works like this..

  1. You install the software
  2. You configure the software (this is easy)
  3. Drive traffic
  4. Get paid

Really it’s that simple!  Want to see how it works?

Rip Curl Commissions will cost $49, but if you choose NOT to buy it, you will be presented with with an offer to buy for only $39!  There are also 2 upsells which are rather costly and not required but can help you achieve faster results.

Overall, Winter and Corey’s Rip Curl Commissions is one of the best products to come out in a long time to offer a quality product that can actually give you results..”

-End of snippet-


I get updates on a lot of these internet marketing products everyday and a lot of them are completely bogus and are made to simply make money for the creator…

…Not to help you.

Below is a link to my review video of Rip Curl Commissions and a lot of these click button software’s and internet marketing products as a whole.

Rip Curl Commissions Review


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Commission Hack Review


Commission Hack Review

Each year it seems more people decide to ‘make money’ on the internet through affiliate marketing and perhaps due to how the economy has been. Affiliate marketing is one thing that almost every one of them look at immediately and for good reasons as Commission Hack implies. As you know, that appeals to so many people because very little is needed to get started with internet marketing. There is certainly no product creation required which is easier for beginners. But after a while all those beginners begin to see the larger picture of what all is necessary to make money online as an affiliate. That’s when they begin to see the amount they have to learn, and that is all anyone can do in the outset. That sort of education can help form a very solid foundation for success.

Commission Hack Review Image

There are several things you must do to take advantage of the WP plugin called Commission Hack by Steven Johnson and Chris X.. successful market research is one of them for so many reasons. One of positive results is your ability to find products that will convert in your market. That is one thing that easily spells success or failure; the product you are marketing. You need to decide on whether or not it’s a physical or digital product. That is not as important because you can easily and effectively sell each one more or less.

Commission Hack Reeview | Marketplace

Another important thing to know is how to go about choosing your marketplace. That is sensible because all products/services are sold to people who constitute a particular market segment. So you have to look at the overall picture when you are weighing a product. Merely a few important points have to do with whether or not that marketplace has money and also wants to spend it. There are several markets that can be huge, but they don’t really have the money to fork out for products. Then you can find some audiences that spend more but not in significant amounts. It is quite feasible that these people just do not spend anything at all in your area, although they will in others.

Commission Hack Review | Conclusion

When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of making money online you need to focus on 2 things…

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions
If you can master those 2 things then you can make as much money as you desire! So in regards to this Commission Hack Review I would have to say that it is not the best bang for your buck if you are looking for a simple way to generate income using the internet. I would suggest a simple step by step plan of action that takes care of the conversions for you and all you focus on is driving the traffic. Make sure to check out my system that does just that…

Best part is…

…I will even show you the exact strategies I use to drive LOADS of traffic! =)


Commission Hack Review Video


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